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Ok, well, that doesn’t seem like a life changer. But sit tight for just a minute and I’ll explain.

When you buy 25 signs in December, we are going to give you a package that will prepare your staff for what’s coming.

Imagine you woke up this morning, headed to the office grabbing a coffee on the way. You walk into the office and see Cindy and Wanda speaking on the phone with potential customers. Your phones have been buzzing since your state finally rolled out that $14,000 HEEHRA rebate program and Cindy and Wanda are slamming through these calls like the pros they are.


You feel relief washing over you as they not only understand the procedures but are also able to communicate them effectively to your customers…

Your reputation as a competent, reliable service provider is reinforced in the eyes of your clients and peers.

It all goes back to that day you overheard Cindy and Wanda talking about “that app:”

Cindy: Hey Wanda, how are we fixed for yard signs? I know we went through more than usual when that storm came through.

Wanda: Yeah, we probably need to order some. Why, you see a good price?

Cindy: The price looks pretty good but this guy is giving away some nice stuff too. He’s got this app thing that pre-qualifies people for that big rebate program just by asking the customer 3 questions. I just tried it and it’s really easy.

Wanda: Send me a link. Hey, that was easy. And this says I can get 50% off some rewiring at my house based on mine and Jimmy’s income. Might be time for us to freshen up some stuff around the house.

Cindy: I know right. And it says here we can put that app on our computers and the guys can all put it on their cellphones with nothing else to buy. Just the signs we need anyway.

Wanda: Should we talk to the boss?

Cindy: About what? Getting free stuff that will make us all more money? Let’s just order the signs and show him afterwards.

Listen… you don’t have to imagine it. It’s not a dream, it’s reality.

Achieving this level of efficiency is easy as pie. You DON’T have to spend countless hours training your employees, waste time on inaccurate manual calculations or rely on outdated methods that lead to errors.

Instead, all you have to do is introduce your team to our easy-to-use app!

Simply input 3 pieces of information and the app does all the heavy lifting, providing accurate rebate amounts in real-time.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your team is equipped with the right tool to provide accurate, quick and reliable information to your customers.

But that’s just the start of making things easy for your staff. Getting ready for the rollout is about doing small things now that will reap big rewards later.

In addition to the “app thing”, we have prepared 3 postcards outlining the benefits of the heehra program. These are ready for you to send to any local printer and mail in any quantity into areas that you know will produce the best results for your team (i.e. low- and middle-income neighborhoods that need the types of services this program pays for and that you can provide).

AND, we have prepared a printer ready card that your techs can leave behind at every service call they go to. This simple card again provides your customer with an outline of the services that are available to them. This is important. If they know you’re on top of this program, they won’t stray when they see an ad from some other company.

And just because it’s December and we’re in a giving mood, we went ahead and wrote two email scripts for you to personalize and send out to your current customer base. 

So let’s recap this incredible offer. 

Buy 25 signs and as a bonus this month only, you will receive the following HEEHRA package that your employees will be using every day for the next four or five years:

The app that can be used by your entire staff in or out of the office to pre-qualify anybody by simply asking three easy questions. A value of $499

3 ready to print postcards specially written to engage the potential customer and have them contact you (or send them directly to your app to pre-qualify themselves!) A value of $199

A ready to print business size card that helps your customers “get” how you can help them benefit from this program. Let’s face it, any government program can be confusing! A value of $99

2 ready to go emails for you to send to your current customer base. Just copy and paste, add your company information, and send. A value of $99

That’s a total December bonus value of $896, free with your purchase of 25 premium signs. The returns you will see by making this program easy for your people to implement and easy for your customers to understand will result in more money for everybody at your business over the next few years.

And all you have to do is buy a package of 25 signs.

Here’s a picture of a warm puppy in front of the fireplace, just because it’s the holidays.

Click here to pick your design and purchase 25 signs to take advantage of this monumental offer. Remember: if you have a design you like already, purchase the “Custom Sign” option and we’ll take care of it for you!