HEEHRA Rebate Act

Does your company do any of the following?

Heat pump installs | Electrical panel upgrades | Insulation | Plumbing

With the upcoming HEEHRA, the more of this work you do, the more you can stack customers by getting to them first and keeping them in your pipeline to help them with ALL of these services and more.

That’s right. It’s coming and it will be here before you realize it.

We at HVACPrinting.com would like to give you a free tool today, that you can’t get anywhere else, at any price, that you can use for the next 4-5 years to make more money.

But Listen:

1) It’s free for you today and it will be free for you forever. As we get closer to your state launching HEEHRA rebates, we will be charging other companies a monthly fee for this application.

2) Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The opportunity to get ahead of the game is right now. Sleep on this and your competitors will have an edge.

What is the app and what does it do for you?

Ths app overlays census information with household income for every zip code in the US. You fill in 3 blanks in the app (zipcode, income, how many people live in the home) and the app instantly provides the amount the customer will qualify for in rebates. The app also shows how the rebates are broken down by product/service (heat pump, rewiring, etc) so your customer knows exactly what their options are.

For you (and your employees) it means knowing immediately how much each customer will qualify for so you can match products and services that you can provide. You’ll also know how much more money you should ask the customer to come up with maximize the opportunity and get them the right equipment and services for their home.

We have made this so simple that your most challenged employee can be a star!

Once you have the customer pre-qualified, you fill out a quick contact form and the app will email all the information right to you, letting you keep in touch and jump on the sale as soon as HEEHRA goes live in your area.

Save your personalized calculator as an app so you and your employees can access it in an instant when out in the field!

The power of this application is in how simple it is to use, providing information instantly that will lead to more money and more sales.

As part of this offer, we are going to install this for you so all your employees can access it and use it from any computer and any cell phone. That’s right, every employee, every PC and cell. NO. FEE. EVER.

You can (and should) start using this today.

Try it out on our demo and then come back here to sign up for while it’s free to you.


Ready to give this a try? Click here to claim your free app.