Hey, congratulations!

That was a great decision picking up our new app that will make you and your people more money for the next 3-5 years (or until the Government money runs out!)

We are going to personalize your app so that all the leads you push through it come directly to your email. We can talk more about that later.

Before you go, I’d like to show you one more thing that will give you an unfair advantage when it comes to making money with this program.
The truth is, to really explain a complex program like the HEEHRA to customers (and employees), you have to speak on their level, in a way that makes sense to them. Anything the government puts out is confusing, and the more you read the details, the more confusing it gets.

With that in mind, we developed some material that will help make it simple for your employees and your customers. Basic psychology says the better people understand something, the more willing they are to go along with it, right?

Your bonus package contains the following:

1) 3 Postcards with different messages designed to get customers to act now. Send a handful of these at a time to an area where your best prospects live (in this case, low to medium income home owners that you know can take advantage of this program). You can get these printed locally or we can print these for you (at great rates). These postcards will be personalized so all prospects lead straight to your app, which brings them right to you.

(We can even ship postcards directly to multiple streets in the right part of town on your behalf. That means a large number of qualified leads that come right through your new app that you just picked up for free.)

2) 2 emails providing an outline of HEEHRA and the benefits for your current customers. Much of your current customer base will likely qualify for a lot of rebate money. Let them know you’re looking out for their best interests by informing them how much they can benefit from this new program. 

3) An easy-to-read booklet that is designed to give you a tremendous edge over your competition for this program. It starts with simple things you should be doing now to increase your money making opportunities.

4) A business-card-size primer for your employees to give to everybody they talk to. This card outlines the benefits of the program and leads them to your app so they can get pre-qualified and get into your pipeline for future business.

These are professionally written and designed materials to keep it simple and help them into your pipeline of prospects.

This bonus package is designed to give you a running start. Each piece is personalized to your business, leading the customer to your app – which brings them directly to you as a pre-qualified lead.


 You can get this bonus package sent as digital files, ready to print, for $149. Or if you want something more tangible, we can personalize them for your business, print you out a small quantity of both the handout cards and a postcard to get started with, and ship those to you for just $249

So would you like just the digital files, or would you prefer we personalize them for your business and print out 100 postcards and 100 handout cards?


Yes, I’d like you to personalize and print out 100 handout cards and 100 postcards to complement my free app, in addition to providing the digital files.

Yes, I’d like you to provide the digital files for the handout card and postcards so I can print them out locally.

No thanks, I have a perfect plan already in place to generate HEEHRA business on my own.